Show the Rain Who’s Boss: 9 Simple Rainy-Day Craft Projects

It’s raining – no it’s pouring, and there’s one very long weekend ahead.  You’ve already built an elaborate hut, coloured some scribbly masterpieces, read loads of stories and it’s not yet time for morning tea.  Phew!  Entertaining children inside, without resorting to endless tv can be exhausting.

There are of course time-honoured solutions we can pull out of our metaphorical rainy-day bag:

  • make playdough
  • bake a cake
  • read books
  • get the children to practice and put on a show
  • computer games
  • and of course, DVDs with popcorn.

These staples undoubtedly work, but how about mixing it up.  It might take a bit of extra effort on your part, but I bet it’ll pay off when you see your child’s delight.  Read on to find 9 simple rainy-day craft projects you can make today.

Children have an insatiable appetite for crafts, and anything from a cardboard box to a toilet roll can inspire wondrous creations. Crafts that use common household items don’t involve a lot of extra planning and sourcing of materials.

Try these simple craft projects on your next rainy-day:

1.  Waterproof Finger Puppets


Simple, but gorgeous and fun.  Make these top of your list for your preschooler’s next rainy day bath-time.

2.  Box Puppet Theatre

puppet theatre

Give your littlies hours of fun planning and making this theatre, then challenge them to put on a puppet show.  A cardboard box from the supermarket, some coloured paper, a few toilet rolls, felts and scrap fabric should do the trick here.

3.  Doily Butterfly


Source some pipe cleaners, cheap paper doilies and some paint to create these delicate and pretty creatures.

4.  Puffy Bathtub Paint

bathtub paint

A bit of preparation and mess is involved here – but it looks like such incredible fun!

5.  Cardboard Aeroplane


Create your own aircraft to go on rainy-day adventures.  You could also challenge your child to jazz it up with some colour.

6.  Coloured Glue

glue coloured

A simple inexpensive idea for kids who love to squeeze.  Keep paper on a tray to avoid coloured glue all over your kitchen table.

7.  DIY Wrapping Paper

DIY wrapping

Granted, this could get very messy, but the end result will not only be a whole heap of fun, but also an economical addition to your gift wrapping stash.  It’s probably a very good idea to do this on tiles as shown in the photo, or stick a plastic sheet underneath if you have one.

8.  Cereal Box Guitars


How much fun do these look!  A few pieces of wool, string, some cereal boxes and inner tubes from wrapping paper should do it.  After they’ve made them, help the kids choose a song to practice a special performance to.

9.  Popsicle Stick Animals


There must be endless creatures and things you can make with a few popsicle sticks.  Let their imagination go wild.  You could even use your creations in your puppet theatre from idea #2.

Tip: How about getting older children more involved in the planning process.  Ask them which they’d like to make.  They will feel more excited about the project by taking a bigger role in its creation.

I bet you Super Kiwi Mums have loads of your own fabulous ideas for rainy-day games and craft.  Leave a comment below and share your expert knowledge.

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3 thoughts on “Show the Rain Who’s Boss: 9 Simple Rainy-Day Craft Projects

  1. Great ideas :) thanks Rach. Another good source of indoor fun for preschoolers is a website – dltk kids crafts. The activities are organised under themes and range from colouring pages to easy to make crafts. I have used it lots with 5 year olds but most activities could easily be used with younger children too.

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